Gedong Songo is a complex of buildings of cultural heritage Hindu temple located in the Candi village, near Umbul Sidomukti, Ambarawa district, Semarang regency, Central Java, precisely on the slopes of Mount Ungaran. Gedong Songo comes from the Javanese, “pro-actively” means a house or building, “Songo” means nine. So the meaning of the word Gedongsongo is nine (groups of) buildings. before named Gedong Songo, this temple complex is named Gedong Pitoe, because when it discovered there were seven groups of buildings. After the discovery of two new complexes, the temple was named Gedong Songo means nine building complex. However, this time can be seen by travelers just five complexes, because four other complexes in ruins and has been secured by the Department of Antiquities.